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College Life in Sacramento

Where's the Mountain Dew?

Sacramento Area College Students
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This is a community designed for students, alumni, and prospective attendees of colleges in the Sacramento area. Colleges in the Sacramento area include American River College, Sacramento City College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, Sierra College, Woodland Community College, and Yuba College.

Students of California State University Sacramento and University of California Davis are welcome to the community as well, but I should mention that there are already communities dedicated specifically to those universities: csus and ucdavis.

Even if you don't or never have attended any of these colleges (i.e., you are a non-local interested in college life in the Sacramento area), you are still welcome to join.

Post anything you want! You can post about club meetings on campus, advertisements for roommates, the "joys" of studying all night, or simply talk to other Sacramento area college students.

I do have a few rules, though:

1. Please do not advertise your communities unless it's related to Sacramento or college life in Sacramento.
2. Please do not post off-topic entries. This includes journal entries best left in your personal journal or other communities. If you're posting about Sacramento life in general (i.e., concerts, thrift stores, malls), then your post would be better suited for sacramento.
3. Please do not harass other users. If anonymous commenting becomes out of control, then I will disable comments from anonymous users.

The first time you break any of these rules, you will be warned, and the offending post(s) or comment(s) will be deleted. The second time you break them, I will ban you from joining or commenting in the community.

Once in awhile I will see who has joined this community. If you have joined but deleted your journal at some point afterward, I will remove you from the community. This is mainly for aesthetic purposes, though. You are welcome to rejoin if you undelete your journal. [Added May 28, 2006]

Thank you for reading this information, and I hope you have fun!

Your maintainer,
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