gothkitten81 (gothkitten81) wrote in sacto_colleges,

Calworks friendly apartments?

Hello. Does anybody here know of calworks friendly apartment complexes? My husband and I fell on hard times and ended up on calworks and going to college full time as well as raising our toddler.

We are having trouble finding an apartment complex that is calworks friendly and doesnt need a /huge/ deposit or require 2-3times the rent as income..we have semi-bad credit from some bad times a while back,
my husband has a good state job he is in the screening process for so it wouldnt be lower income for long once we get this job. We are looking for a large studio or 1 bedroom in the 500 dollar range..

Some people have told us to try section 8 for now but all that has closed even their waiting lists, so does anybody know of a complex that would work with us? Please let me know, we are trying really hard to get out of this loop of calworks and need a place to live to do that..thanks so much
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