Shell (xmeta) wrote in sacto_colleges,

I'm looking for a room to rent around June 26th

I'm starting early, trying to find out if there's a place out there. My lease with my current roomie runs up June 26th.

I would prefer a month to month lease and utilities included in the price of rent in a place that is close to campus.

I have a male, neutered cat who has his paws capped with caps so that he can't (nor does he in the first place) claw and tear at furniture. He's sweet, does not spray, and is the most affectionate cat ever. He's strictly indoors and has had all his shots (including rabies).

I am:

-Obsessively clean
-A full time CSUS CRJ student
-A part time employee of CSUS
-Very busy most of the time
-Quiet and I like to keep to myself

Will not live with:

-People who smoke
-Drink excessively
-Are loud and throw numerous parties
-Allow strange men to sleep on the couch every night of the week
-People who are dirty and do not clean up their own messes

Reply if interested.

Please do not post a reply if you don't have meaningful input related to this post.
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Meaningful input:

I don't know if you're already found a place, but I know I found my place through Craigslist. I got really lucky because A) my roommate is awesome and B) the rent is extremely cheap and C) well, she's awesome.

You can also look on Elk Grove Online. You'll see "Rooms for rent." Generally the price range varies, but it will go from about $375 a month to... well, really ridiculous prices. And I know people are generally opposed to renting a room, but there are many people who accomodate for someone who is both a college student and worker. And you never know, you might find someone great.